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High Technology in Maintenance Welding

Trust Alloys uses the highest technology to produce versatile welding products of easy application for the maintenance welder. The maintenance welding will always have higher degree of difficulty than the production welding. In maintenance, most times, the metals analysis that are welded is unknown. It is for this reason that TRUST constantly develops new welding alloys to facilitate the maintenance process.

The short arc of Trust Alloys eliminates damages in base-metal and facilitates different position welding.

Likewise, the slag produced by Trust weldings slows cooling and softens the thermal impact in the base-metal to prevent damages.

TRUST guarantees that is the best maintenance welding product that you have ever used or will give you credit for the value of your purchase up to one year after the date of your invoice.

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Conceived to provide the performance and versatility.

Quantum® lubricants are probably the most complete and fine line on market, thought and designed especially for maintenance. All our products, either oils, greases or auxiliary additives are conceived to provide the performance and versatility that no other ordinary product can achieve.

Quantum® specialized lubricants are manufactured starting from a selection of great purity paraffinic bases and high quality additives. That brings high performance and chemically stable products.

Buying Quantum® lubricants probably implies a bigger initial cost. Remember that a simple flaw in your equipment caused by using a low cost and performance lubricant can represent immense loses to your company.

If the Quantum® product that you bought is not better than any other ordinary lubricant that you ever used in certain application, you can return the remaining and obtain 100% purchase credit.